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Library is Knowledge Center and It Needs Access to Online Resources

Library & Online Resource

Library & Online Resource

Library is Knowledge Center and It Needs Access to Online Resources

Library is as Knowledge Center and is Needed for Accessing Online Resources

Modern Library is treated as Knowledge Center of all kinds and we know from where we can find information.
This is justified by the quotation:

Knowledge is of two kind:we know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.

-Samuel Johnson

Internet is a computer-based worldwide information network.World Wide Web or WWW(W3)is a set programs and rules that fix how files are created and shown on the Internet.If we want to see information offered at a particular site,we can enter the site’s address on the computer screen and be connected there.We can access certain Online Resources/Online Reference Resource Sources (such as Online Journal, Book, Magazine, Periodical,Serial, Case Study etc.).Some of these resources are free and to gain access to others, we have to subscribe and pay a fee for the cost of Online Resources/Services.

If we don’t have a certain address in our mind, we can search by KEYWORD with the assistance of a search engine like GOOGLE(www.google.com).

Search Engine is a type of software that uses our KEYWORD to compile lists of related Websites.There are many kinds of search engines are available and they offer in some what different services. Among these, GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE(www.google.com) is one of the search engine that is being used widely worldwide.

Online Knowledge means- Know how to find our desired information on the web. We can use websites to find out more Online Resources on the Web about World for our applications.