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Information Literacy Program (IL Program) and Library

IL Program

IL Program

Information Literacy Program (IL Program) and Library

Information Literacy Program (IL Program) is means when and why a student/user needs information, where to find information and how to use information in an accurate and proper manner. Information literacy includes Library User Education (LUE), information skills training, education & development, or includes ‘Key Skills’ which are related to the use and management of information in area of higher education for learning, teaching and research.


IL Program & Library

Information Literacy (IL) is also defined and known by different names, such as:  Library Orientation, User Education, Bibliographic Instruction, Library user skills training and training etc. Library orientation concentrates on how to use Library’s holdings and resources (print and online & digital) for providing an easy access to the students/users to its reading materials and resources. Librarians/Information Professionals can help (formal/informal) students/users in developing/enhancing their use of library services and facilities. Main purpose of Information Literacy is to enable students/users to seek information independently and use information appropriately.